A virtual museum
of social insect nests
© Andrea Perna
A virtual museum
of social insect nests
A virtual museum
of social insect nests
© Giulio Facchini
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Social insects build some of the most impressive nests found in the natural world. The nests can reach sizes thousands of times larger than the size of individual insects and in some species they host thousands or millions of individuals.

The nests protect the colony from the external environment; the intricate galleries inside the nest are the transportation networks along which food, clean air, and information travels across the nest.

But, to our eyes, social insect nests are first of all fascinating and complex patterns. We hope that this web site will contribute to make you appreciate their unconventional beauty.

Latest Nests

Veromessor andrei (M18)

Contributed by Noa Pinter-Wollman
Biological species:
Veromessor andrei
Excavated nest
North America