Helix inside an Apicotermes nest Ramp inside an Apicotermes nest Apicotermes nest (probably Apicotermes lamani) Apicotermes nest (probably Apicotermes lamani). The numbers highlight the different layers inside the nest. The appearance of helicoidal ramps corresponds with the formation of intermediate (bis) layers.
Apicotermes sp. (probably A. lamani) M5
contributed by CRCA Toulouse

The nests built by termites of the genus Apicotermes are among those with the highest level of regularity and symmetry of features. Inside the nests, which typically measure about 40 cm of height, we find a series of regularly spaced horizontal floors stabilised by pillars and interconnected by ramps. Over the outer surface of these nests, there is a series of regularly spaced pores that could possibly facilitate gas exchange with the outside environment, although this has not been confirmed.

The nests themselves are difficult to spot, as they are usually found thirty to sixty centimeters down into the ground.

This particular specimen, is part of a series of termite nests whose collection from the field is attributed to Grassé and which are hosted at the Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle in Paris

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Biological species:
Apicotermes lamani

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